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Welcome to the Wiki for The Widow Harun. Use this as a resource for all in-game knowledge and other tidbits.

The campaign area is a little-used region of the Forgotten Realms. Even so, much source material exists. For information on the campaign area circa 1385 DR and earlier (the cutoff year), the most helpful of these are the two core books for the 3rd edition Forgotten Realms, the Player’s Guide to Faerun and the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. Other supplements which have been used extensively for material are The Shining South, The Unapproachable East, Lost Empires, Serpent Kingdoms, and Underdark, plus the 2nd edition campaign setting The Horde. In addition to these, several other Forgotten Realms products such as Races of Faerun, Magic of Faerun, Power of Faerun, Lords of Darkness, Faiths and Pantheons, Champions of Ruin and Champions of Valor contain material which touches on the campaign area in a way specific to the particular topic of each volume.

Though these sources provide a good general overview, juicy regional detail, and (especially nice for a visual person like me) helpful maps, you should not hope for inside information, or to give your character an edge. Half a century has passed and many things have changed. Also please bear in mind that while the 3rd edition material is current to 1385 DR, The Horde material takes place in 1359 and 1360. Much information in the supplements updates and supplants that given in The Horde. Both core books, all twelve supplements, and The Horde are available in PDF format from your DM.

The History of the campaign area is located on several pages here.

Here you can learn about the Geography and important places of the campaign area.

More information about the Characters in the campaign and their Genealogy can be found here.

Inhabitants of the many regions in the campaign area vary greatly in their Ethnicity, which you can learn about here.

Here you can learn about the Demihumans and Monsters of the campaign area.

There is a helpful page of Vocabulary here.

The Culture of the campaign area is found on the pages here.

Main Page

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