Tuigan is the ethnicity of Jebe Khan and The Golden Family, and these people are the dominant population (even if they are not a majority) throughout the empire that bears their name. The Tuigan are a Mongol-like culture within the Forgotten Realms.

The Tuigan are one of several human tribes native to The Endless Waste. Their territory in the modern era contains areas of ancient Imaskar, Raumathar and Shou Lung, but the ultimate origin of the Tuigan still remains unknown. Prior to the time of Yamun Khahan, the Tuigan were merely first among equals on the steppe. Since then, and especially after the formation of The Tuigan Empire, the concept of Tuigan identity has changed. To the subject populations of the empire, in particular the settled peoples, everyone from The Endless Waste is a Tuigan. Even among themselves, the tribes have allowed their formerly distinct identities to blend into a single pan-nomadic culture simply labeled Tuigan. Furthermore, during his lifetime Jebe Khan made ‘honorary Tuigan’ of many people, including Ogres, Mulan humans and Shaaran humans. Today, therefore, a Tuigan is anyone who is accepted as a Tuigan, an identity defined more by an embrace of nomadism and cultural conservatism than by actual ethnicity. Only among the most traditional nomads on The Endless Waste are the old tribal categories still a living force in daily life.

The Tuigan are described in much more detail in the Forgotten Realms core books and supplements. Please consult these resources if you wish to learn more.

When generating Tuigan characters, use the following rule change. All Tuigan, no matter where in the empire they were actually born, may select the Hordelands as their ‘home region’.


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