The Utter East

The Utter East is a strip of land which connects the western continent of Faerun to the southern peninsula of Zakhara and the eastern continent of Kara-Tur. As such, the area is a melting pot very little known to anyone in the Realms. The Utter East is bordered to the north by Ulgarth, now one of the nine realms of The Tuigan Empire, which threatens the nations of this region with conquest. South of the Utter East is the badland called The Land of the Yak-Men, gateway to Zakhara. To the east, the towering mountain ranges of Tabot conceal the lands of Tu Lung and Shou Lung in Kara-Tur.

The people of the Utter East are a mixture of different elements. The indigenous people are called the Mar, a little known ethnicity with no ties to any group in Faerun. There are also large numbers of Ulgarthan people resident here since before the Dalereckoning. Their ancestors were warlike tribesmen from the mountains of Thommar, who began raiding the surrounding lands in -83 DR. Though the Ulgarthan tribes struck mostly west and southwest at Durpar and present-day Ulgarth, some also ranged into the Utter East. Their attacks, conquests, and trading ventures left behind a variety of Ulgarthan people, from nomadic tribes to princely states, scattered widely.

In 621 DR a large migration of Ffolk originating in the Moonshae Isles attacked the Utter East from the sea, conquering much of the area over the following centuries and subjugating the indigenous Mar tribes, who were at various stages of development at this time. In the centuries following, the Ffolk settled widely, establishing five kingdoms. Though all their realms were based on a priestly-warrior aristocracy at the top of a race-based caste system, the degree of intermarriage between Ffolk and Mar people varied widely from place to place, leading eventually to great differences in culture and appearance, especially along lines of social class.

A very few Durpari from The Golden Water and Midani from Zakhara have established themselves here as merchants in the cities and caravan traders in the hinterland. In addition, Yak Men have become secretly influential.

In the seventh century DR the Utter East was convulsed by the Bloodforge Wars, a series of conflicts caused by the discovery of ancient war machines capable of producing intelligent constructs. The resulting savagery was worsened by an invasion of demons, and the region was not pacified until the Grand Caliph of Zakhara sent a vast fleet to intervene, in a savage campaign that became known as the Scouring. After this event, the decimation of the Ffolk resulted in a resurgence of Mar power, such that the region today is a patchwork of ethnicities. For example, The Free Cities of Parsanic are princely states ruled by Mar, while Doegan and Konigheim are Sultanates ruled by a Ffolk warrior-caste. Edenvale and Sragadha are very mixed.

After 1002 DR, when the formation of a kingdom in Ulgarth put an end to the nomadic raids from Thommar, the area was unmolested by outsiders for centuries. Recently, however, war has returned now that Mongke, Regent of Ulgarth, has begun raiding the area frequently. Through his marriage to Shatila, daughter of Drasna Bluemantle, Mongke is the father of Drasna, the 11 year old heir to the throne. As regent, Mongke will not retain his hold over Ulgarth when Drasna officially comes of age, sometime in the next decade. Though he rules the Hyena tribe in The Shaar, and owns Durpar and Veldorn by right of conquest, it is only the rich land of Ulgarth that made Mongke one of The Nine Noyan. Therefore, many believe that he intends to conquer the Utter East in order to create a new realm for himself by the time his son assumes control of Ulgarth.

Mongke has attacked the Utter East with great savagery, using Tuigan and Shaaran ordus to raid the countryside far to the south, and attacking the states with his Ulgarthan armies, led by the monsters of Veldorn that now serve him, such as minotaurs, hill giants and others. Mongke has bombarded the cities with one of the gunship Soarwhales domesticated by his grandfather. The Free Cities of Parsanic have resisted him so far, but most of Edenvale and Doegan have fallen. Konigheim has been laid waste but not conquered, and Sragadha is the scene of much intrigue between the Mar and Ffolk princelings there who seek to assure their own survival by playing politics.

The Utter East

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