The Widow Harun

Raid on Dambrath (Results)

Kerri and Stedd are now Druid 4 and Ranger 4, respectively, making them 6 HD creatures of ECL 8. Balud is now a natural werewolf Fighter 3, making him a 5 HD creature of ECL 8.

The Raptorans resumed play on Fourthday, 14 Kythorn, while recuperating in the town of Axum in Gezer, when they began planning a raid on the horse ranchers of the northern border march of Dambrath. The Raptorans had become intrigued by the valuable Dambraai horses held by the Crinti in the area, and the scattered population of this region plus the tradition of cross-border raiding led them to conceive an interest in rustling. Balud was excited by the idea and left immediately to spread the word and gather volunteers from among his Shaaran Hyena tribe countrymen.

Meanwhile the Raptorans were given farewell gifts by their Gezerite hosts: a Gezerite Cross from Adam of Gezer, a pair of Bird Tokens from Menes and a pair of Potions of Sanctuary from the pilgrim women of Axum. The Raptorans also purchased trade quantities of Gezerite coffee.

On their way across The Shaar they encountered a group of nomadic pilgrims of Teylas on their way to Blaskaltar for the celebration at Midsummer. They camped and traded with these people, learning about their religion and being given scrolls as parting gifts by their clerics. The Raptorans are now familiar with Teylas as a potential patron.

On Secondday 22 Kythorn the Raptorans arrived at the monastery of Shabab, where they rendezvoused with Balud and the raiders he had gathered. The raiders spent the night in the canyons of the monastery, and at the evening meal the Raptorans were told by Isaac of Gezer about a secret way south through the mountains, which would allow them to approach Dambrath through the pleasant, forested foothills of the northern Luirwood instead of across the closely watched open plains. A monk led them through the passage the following morning.

On Seventhday 27 Kythorn, after travelling only a day through this country, they encountered Nola Treesong, the powerful Halfling Druid in control of the area. The Raptorans befriended her and agreed to her request to return there after the raid. In return she teleported the party of raiders straight to their target: Rhivaun Ranch, where a valuable pedigreed Dambraai named Glouris is being kept.

At the ranch the raiders killed many Crinti overseers, freed many of the Arkaiun ranch hands from their servitude, and rustled over a hundred horses including Glouris, though in order to capture his breeding book and prevent pursuit they were obliged to chase the survivors to a tower nearby, where they laid siege and eventually broke through, slaughtering everyone inside including a visiting Drow of T’lindhet. They then escaped to The Southern Luirwood nearby and thence north back to Nola Treesong, who permitted the Raptorans and the raiders to remain in her domain permanently. They returned on Firstday, 1 Flamerule.

Division of the spoils ensued, with large amounts of cash and treasure for the Raptorans, while news traveled fast across The Shaar and elsewhere about the successful raid. On Eighthday, 8 Flamerule, Batu sent messengers to them with congratulations, bringing Sheik of Sheiks as a gift, in the hope that they could be convinced to auction Glouris, but the Raptorans chose to keep him.

After leveling, Stedd took the Leadership feat and founded The Ordu of Stedd Khan from the remaining raiders and the captured horses. By the first of Eleasias, the Raptorans are Khans with their own base in the territory granted by Nola Treesong.


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