The Widow Harun

Lavinia's Diary: Work, Work and Still More Work

Work, work and still more work:

My new Khan is going to have us all go east into the woods of Lluirwood. Trigaki and Ursa have said it is infested with “monsters”. They make these “monsters” sound worse then Barbarians, we will see. He wants us to split up into groups, squads he calls them, and hunt one down using this new “battle language” he and the barbarian Balud are working on. He says we need the practice. It is a strange thing this “battle language”. It is full of hand gestures and bird calls. Each one means a different thing and seems dependent on where you are and where you want you or others to go. Balud teaches us the hand gestures while Trigaki and Ursa teach us these bird calls. Trigaki and Ursa say I’m a natural, whatever that is. While Balud tells me i have 10 thumbs (stupid barbarian, what does he know). The entire experience has me on tippy toes waiting for something to jump out and bite me. I can hear my own heart beating. I must be the loudest thing out here!

I hear a bird call. This tells me someone about 150 feet at about 10 o’clock (clock?) has found something. Our squad moves up to assist. It’s just a spider, BUT IT’S THE SIZE OF A YURT!! Of course being I’m only 3 feet tall it sure looks like the size of a Yurt. I quickly move to where my spell will affect the most of us, and cast HASTE. Let’s see that stupid spider handle that! Then i blast it with my Magic Missles. Just when i think it will never, ever die, Tennai and his squad show up and Tennai leaps up onto it’s back and pounds the crap out of it, literally. Tennai is our HERO! He killed the stupid spider! We are all whooping it up, making lots of noise, when party pooper Barbarian Balud shows up and tells us to quite down. There may be more of them. MORE OF THEM? We all quickly head back to camp where there will be a “BBQ Party”? tonight to celebrate. Tennai is our Hero. I could learn to like these “BBQ Parties”! Please God, tell me I’m not turning into a Barbarian!?


KevinHenehan KevinHenehan

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