The Widow Harun

Lavinia's Diary: Where Next?

Dear Diary, you and i are going to be good friends. So I’ll start with my past. I lived in a coastal city in the East Wai Provence of Shou Lung. I was high up in the small lonely mountain range just west of town. I had decided to do a cleansing of my spirit and talk with the ancient spirits of my family. During a short break (a girl has to eat) I watched as the Tsunami waves come in from the sea and destroy everything! Killing everyone. Following this nightmare i spent weeks up in the mountain fasting (wasn’t really hungry anyway) crying myself to sleep at night. I was tired. I had lost everything and everyone! My clan was the largest and most powerful family in the Provence. I was ready to die when i had a vision. A Great Grandfather from long ago appeared to me and told me to take a ship and go south. Get off where you want to when it feels right and find my destiny.

This at first scarred the crap out of me. LEAVE HOME!?? To the south are the Tuigan BARBARIANS! What could barbarians possibly teach me? My destiny is to live with and become a barbarian? This can’t be right! I stayed in the mountain for 2 more weeks, thinking through what Great Grandfather had said. Maybe it is not that I’m to become a barbarian but to teach the barbarians to be civilized? Show them the true way to live. Great Grandfather would not lead me astray. His Wisdom is not to be tossed aside like some used blanket so easily. Still ….. ?

I decided to go north to the Capital city of the Provence to find a ship for transport to the south. None of the ship captains i talked with would go anywhere near the barbarians. They told me i was mad to think such things. Then i came across a barbarian trader who was being forced to leave port. He had come to trade but had stayed too long for the Government to put up with. A BARBARIAN ship! Filled with BARBARIANS! Oh god!

Ship life was a mix of amazing sights and a living hell! I saw things i had not seen before except in drawings. The ship stopped at many ports and i got off at each one to look around. All were filled with nasty, foul BARBARIANS? Today is a major city called Beluir. It is filled with Halflings like myself! Amazing! Just Barbarian hallflings. In town there was talk everywhere of horse rustlers. They had stolen hundreds, no, thousands of horses and had fled to the barbarian lands to the north. Something that had not happened in a very, very long time. There seemed to be conflicts about this single action. Some said they were horse thieves and should be hung. Most talked about it being a bold action reminiscent of the early Khans (in ages past? and what is a Khan?). With this many halflings it seemed right to get off the ship in Beluir. Finding these thieves also felt right (with the wind whipping through the city i could almost hear Great Grandfather talking to me, urging me on). To get out of the city to find these “thieves?” I bought a horse (and a fine Pony he is too) and headed north. I was 2 1/2 days outside of the city when i ran into trouble. Some heavily armored human on a big horse (i learned later it was called a Dambraai). I cast Haste on myself and my new Pony. Then a couple of Summon Monster 3 to slow him down while we ran away. We fled north into the woods (called Luiren). Here we came across a Halfling Druid Marchwarden of Nola Treesong. After 2 days of rest and conversation with the Druid it was suggested that we seek out the New Khan of the area, Stedd. A WINGED HUMAN?? How could this be? Not the typical BARBARIAN I had been told about all my life. Again, what is a Khan?

There are 2 WINGED HUMAN BARBARIANS!! Brother and sister. Looking for their long lost clan. We spent the day and well into the night talking. The next morning while staring at the Toadsquat Mountains, there was this little wisp of cloud, all alone, rise up into the mountain. And just for a brief moment i could swear i saw the face of Great Grandfather in the cloud smiling down on me.

This was the place. HOME!

Within the Ordu:

There is now a great debate. The benefits of Teriq Dede, Sheela Peryroyl, Teylas (or Etugen), and Chung Tao.

Each day i preach the benefits of Chung Tao (The Way). So far i don’t seem to be making any headway with the Monk (he is steadfastly Teriq Dede), but he is listening at least (though i think he is just being polite). The Druids (Sheela Peryroyl), are also being kind in listening but they can’t seem to see. The Tuigan and Arkaiun are also listening. Being more nomadic then the others they are listening a little more then the others. I think I’m converting them, little by little. This may take some time but i may yet succeed.

As for the Khans sister, she also is listening (interesting lady), yet i don’t see myself converting her anytime soon. But, i have time.

As for the Khan, he is listening more then the others and is even asking questions (a Barbarian with questions!). I spends most of my time with him. Perhaps in time he will come around to see the benefits of Chung Tao. I cannot give up. He could be my first BARBARIAN convert to being civilized! I will prove to my ancestors (and myself) that this is the right path. This is “The Way”.

Life here is harder then it was back home. So much work to do! My family clan had servants to do all this work. This is hard work, but i will prove to the others that i can do it. And my skills in Magic and Alchemy are unrivaled here in this “Clan”. There is a feeling of being wanted and needed (even if they are not listening to the teachings of Chung Tao, … Yet!)

Some day in the future i will go high up into the Toadsquat Mountains and talk with the ancient spirits of my old family. I will make them proud of me.


KevinHenehan djinni14

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