The Widow Harun

Lavinia's Diary: Heaven! I'm in Heaven!

I was busy packing for my shopping trip when Ursa stopped by to wish me well. She also gave me a jar filled with some ointment. She said i should only use it once or occasionally twice a week at most. More then that and it might turn me into an “interesting color”.?? It is suppose to help with the itching of these barbarian clothes. She said she got it from someone called Nola Treesong. As soon as Ursa was gone, i stripped and applied some of the ointment she gave me. I didn’t really feel any different at first. Thinking Ursa had overestimated this Nola Treesong person. But about an hour later, HEAVEN I’M IN HEAVEN!! I don’t know who this Nola Treesong is, but i could kiss her. This stuff is fantastic! Maybe, just maybe, there is one person around here who isn’t a barbarian. I need to meet this Nola Treesong when i get back. We have a lot to talk about. Heaven I’m in heaven. Now i just need some SHOES!


KevinHenehan KevinHenehan

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