The Widow Harun

Lavinia's Diary: A Test

It was decided it was time to go out hunting. Nothing big should be taken. They don’t want to thin out the woods of all the good game, so these hunts are done sparingly. I volunteer to help, maybe my magic may be beneficial. They don’t seem impressed, they say they have done this for years without such help, but still i can come. Maybe “I” will learn something!? I’ll show them something!

Once again we are to use this new “battle language”. I hear the bird call that tells me where to go. When i get there, there are 3 large “dogs” and this poor little pig, squealing and grunting. We did not leave with any dogs, so i shot one of the dogs with my magic missile. You would have thought the sky was falling. I was yelled at and scolded not to do that again. The “dogs” were with us. They were after the hairy little pig with the big teeth.

Dear God, the “dogs” turned into people right in front of my eyes! It’s explained that they are Werewolves! MONSTERS!? Not only that but close to half the camp are these Monsters. Not just Barbarians, but Monster Barbarians. Worse, my new clan leader (they call him Khan here) is also a Barbarian Monster. And so is his Sister!

Dear God, what do i do now. I returned back to camp with the others in silence. I didn’t listen or talk with anyone the whole time.

Dear God, what do i do now???


KevinHenehan KevinHenehan

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