Welcome to the Realms, 1427 DR
The campaign has begun!

The Widow Harun is the main campaign in a setting called The Tuigan Empire, a Mongol-themed campaign area located inside the 3rd Edition Forgotten Realms, circa 1427 DR. Events between 1385 and 1427 have proceeded according to my own calendar, not the official Realms chronology. There has been no Spellplague, and other events familiar to players of the 4th Edition Forgotten Realms have not happened.

In 1372, it has been twelve years since the Horde of Yamun Khahan was smashed and scattered by a grand alliance led by Azoun IV of Cormyr. Now pushed once again into their traditional lands, the Tuigan people are in poverty, demoralized and leaderless. A Tuigan adventurer by the name of Jebe has led a small group on a journey south out of The Endless Waste to seek better lives in the wide-open spaces of eastern Mulhorand and The Shaar. The events that followed forever changed the face of The Eastern Realms, as Jebe Khan and his descendants in The Golden Family gained followers and seized many realms by cash, conquest, or marriage. Today, in 1427, their legacy is The Tuigan Empire, a sprawling multi-ethnic confederation from The Shining Sea to The Golden Water and from Ulgarth to the Yal Tengri. Here in this patchwork of dissimilar lands, peoples, nations and lifestyles, monsters prowl, nomads thunder across the plains and cold winds howl through the ruins of smashed and empty cities while the bejeweled, wealthy princes and potentates of The Golden Family seek advantage against one another.

The Tuigan Empire campaign setting draws upon the numerous and varied core books and supplements published for the 2nd and 3rd edition Forgotten Realms, principally including The Horde Barbarian Campaign Setting, the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, the Player’s Guide to Faerun, Shining South, Unapproachable East, Lost Empires, Serpent Kingdoms, Races of Faerun and Grand History of the Realms, but incorporating ‘flavor’ from many other products including those dealing with Kara-Tur and Zakhara (the world of Al-Qadim). I have attempted to cite specific works wherever possible in these pages. A complete collection of Forgotten Realms material is available electronically from your DM, as I encourage players to dive in.

I am currently playing solo adventures in this setting with one player and may soon have a proper party. If you are interested, please contact me!

On the other hand, if you have looked at my campaign area and want to run it yourself, be my guest. I have prepared three possible introductions for you. The Whole Party Intro is a traditional campaign hook designed for an entire party of characters at 1st level from elsewhere in the Realms who are entering The Tuigan Empire across a land border (Chessenta works best). The Solo Player Intro, by contrast, is a solo adventure designed for one player running two characters from elsewhere in the Realms, arriving in The Tuigan Empire by sea (a ship from Waterdeep works best). Finally, The New Party Member Intro is a simple way for you to introduce a new character from elsewhere in the Realms, who needs to appear spontaneously at the party’s current location without straining disbelief.

As you explore the campaign, you will note that there is an enormous amount of detail contained in these pages. Learn and use as much or as little as you please. For my own satisfaction I try to create a setting with as much realism and internal consistency as possible, because as a player I always enjoyed the chance to learn more about the lands my character was breezing through. I understand, though, that a lot of players don’t share my fascination. If you’re not interested in the detail, then don’t feel obligated to study up. Your character will be just fine without knowing a single thing about The Tuigan Empire. In fact, misunderstandings are always a great source of adventure hooks: The Whole Party Intro relies on this. But if you play a character who wants to know more, I’ve gone to some lengths to help you out.

I hope you enjoy my work, and maybe I’ll see you at the table!

Wake Forest, North Carolina
September 29, 2011

The Widow Harun

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