An Untheric individual is descended from an inhabitant of the extinct nation of Unther, or used to live there himself. Untheric is a nationality; the people of Unther were mostly members of the Mulan ethnic group, which also includes Thayan and Mulhorandi citizens.

Untheric people today are encountered almost always as refugees. Large populations of such people living by the old ways are found only in Chessenta, but smaller Untheric enclaves now exist in the cities of Mulhorand, where they suffer discrimination. In addition, various individuals and families of Untheric descent have scattered throughout the southern realms of The Tuigan Empire and can be found in any settled area, from Shaarmid to Dhaztanar. Wherever they have settled, these diaspora individuals are brooding, serious people, consumed by a sense of dispossession. If any of them are nursing plans for revenge, their plots have not surfaced so far.

There is another group of Untheric people who have survived into the present day, and these are the numerous hermits and wandering preachers that still inhabit the wastes of their former home. In caves, the branches of trees, on lonely hilltops and inside desert canyons throughout the former Unther, these slightly crazed individuals can be found, practicing self denial and preaching a variety of bizarre prophecies. Though it is commonly believed that the gods of the Untheric pantheon are now extinct, it has been rumored that some of the hermits demonstrate great and mysterious powers, the origins of which are unexplained.

The Untheric people are described in much more detail in the Forgotten Realms core books and supplements. Please consult these if you wish to learn more.


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