The Whole Party Intro

You can use this intro if you are starting the campaign in traditional fashion, with a party of characters at 1st level who are traveling overland to the campaign area from somewhere else in the Forgotten Realms.

The players can be shown the following paragraphs.

Danilo Volo (of the famous Volos) is a wealthy merchant of Waterdeep who has just been informed that his estranged older brother Massimo Volo has died, leaving him a substantial, six-figure inheritance. The Volo brothers haven’t talked in thirty years, and at the time of his death Massimo was apparently living and working in a city called Rurikan. Now Danilo needs hardy individuals to travel there as his executors and take possession of the cash. He’ll pay an advance of 1500 gold pieces to any man, woman or thing qualified to take the job, he’s got his own galleon to take you halfway, and he’s offering the mind-blowing reward of half the treasure if and when you make it back with Massimo’s last will and testament.

There’s only one problem…where the hell is Rurikan?

This campaign will take your characters on a decades-long, globe-spanning journey through the eastern Realms and beyond. You’ll need combat ability and social skills. Don’t worry if you don’t have magic, or wilderness skills, or appropriate languages, because you can pick up these on your travels. Religious characters are welcome, but don’t expect to find a fully-equipped Temple of Whatshisname in every one-horse town. All alignments are welcome, but if your character is a serial killer, don’t expect my NPC’s to ignore the trail of bodies leading to his door. Since the action begins in Waterdeep, all nonhuman races and human ethnicities are welcome, with one exception: if you are Drow, you had better be wearing a disguise. As always, if your character is exotic, do me the courtesy of coming up with an interesting backstory. Since the campaign arc will last for over ten years (and possibly much longer), you should start your characters young if they are human (or at least not venerable, unless you plan to become a lich halfway). All spells and abilities that bring back the dead are available in the Forgotten Realms if you have enough cash or the right friends. As an alternative, you may wish to have another character in your back pocket so you can transition seamlessly between them. In building your characters you may use anything you find in any official D&D published source, including interesting material from previous editions if you update it yourself.

Now back to the DM stuff. Since I am running solo campaigns, I have not used this intro yet. But the shape of the thing is this. The party travels from Waterdeep by sea to a city in Chessenta, where they connect with a caravan running goods into The Tuigan Empire. But since the party knows nothing about the local culture, and the caravan trader has a secret he’d rather not share, the characters will soon find themselves forced into a fight they should have avoided, ditched by the caravan, and subject to a strange form of justice in a foreign land.

Contact me for more details if you are interested.

The Whole Party Intro

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