The Tuigan Empire

The Tuigan Empire is the territory conquered by Jebe Khan and ruled, after his death in 1417, by his descendants Kublai and Timur. The Empire consists of nine distinct realms, each of which includes a variety of very different territories. Many of these are autonomous to some degree. For example, both The Shaar and The Endless Waste comprise several tribal territories plus city-states such as Shaarmid and independent non-human realms like the colony of Siremun Dwarves in The Firepeaks.

The Empire grew out of The Tuigan March, the original territory of Jebe Khan and his ordu, through both marriage and conquest, reaching its fullest extent only in 1422 with the conquest of Semphar. A detailed history can be found on the Realms Chronology page.

At its largest today, the Tuigan Empire stretches from The Shining South to The Great Glacier. The Empire’s southern border runs across the bottom of The Shaar from the shores of Lapaliiya on The Shining Sea, across The Channath Vale and east to The Toadsquat Mountains. From there The River Liontongue forms the border between free Estagund and Tuigan-occupied Durpar and Veldorn. Across The Golden Water, Ulgarth is also in Tuigan hands, and the ordus of Mongke and Drasna raid further south into The Utter East every year. North of Ulgarth, the eastern border of the Empire is where the nomads have always considered their land to end: The Jhumpa River Gorge, The Dragonwall, and The Quoya Desert. The Empire’s furthest northeastern extent is The Mountain of Iron, and Tuigan territory stretches thence west to Nathoud and the borders of Sossal and south to the passes into Thay. On the west the Empire ends at the traditional borders of Unther, south from Threskel across The Methmere and down The Winding River.

The nine realms of the Empire are The Tuigan March, The Shaar, Mulhorand, The Endless Waste, Raurin, Semphar, Gezer, Rurikan, and Ulgarth.

The Tuigan Empire

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