The New Party Member Intro

One of the most vexing problems for any DM is how to shoehorn a new character into the middle of an ongoing adventure when a new player joins your group. In my setting, I’ve got a good solution for this.

As part of his life of adventuring, Jebe Khan established good relations with the Dwarves of The Great Rift. When he announced The Tuigan Empire, therefore, he gave the Dwarves a great boon. Jebe Khan decreed that, far and wide wherever his rule extended, everything beneath the land belonged to the Dwarves. In one stroke, the stout folk now had a claim on vast Underdark territories stretching thousands of miles.

At the time, The Great Rift was flush with cash and bursting at the seams in the aftermath of the Thunder Blessing, which doubled its population. Therefore the Dwarves launched a vast crusade to claim the new territories. A government office was created, the Department of Reclamation, to supervise the expansion, and within it the Dwarves created an Office of Contractor Relations to supervise the recruitment and deployment of adventurers.

Today, the war in the Underdark has come to the attention of adventurers everywhere in the Realms. It is now general knowledge that The Great Rift has agents in every city and every mine-head, recruiting sellswords for the crusade underground.

Your new player can therefore make a character from any region of the Realms, with the following back-story. He chose to gain some experience with the dwarf crusade, and contacted a local agent. He was signed up, paid a small advance, and sent through a portal to The Great Rift. He fought for a few years (until reaching his current level), then left the service, got paid up, and was demobilized at a dwarf outpost as near as possible to the party’s current location. In The Tuigan Empire, it is not hard to find a dwarf outpost very near to any given point. Just look at the map and identify a likely mountain chain or range of hills. Your new player can have his character emerge from a mine-head there to join the party nearby in any way convenient for you.

In this way, you have a deus ex machina for placing a new character anywhere on the map at any time, at any level you need, just by having him emerge from underground.

The New Party Member Intro

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