The Golden Family

The descendants of Jebe Khan are referred to collectively as The Golden Family. Their various interrelationships are described below.

Names that are starred (*) are Great Khans. Parentheses following a name contain royal titles or other distinctions for important people.

*Jebe Khan married Subedei Khatun. They had four sons: Jochi, Batu, Ogedei and *Kublai. They had one daughter, Borte.

Jochi married Apsara (one of several princesses of the Shaaran Cheetah tribe). Their son was Arigh Boke (Chief of the Cheetah tribe).

Batu married Ouattara (one of several princesses of the Shaaran Hyena tribe). Their son was Mongke (Chief of the Hyena tribe).

Ogedei married Hoda (one of dozens of princesses of Semphar). Their son was Jahan (Caliph of Semphar).

*Kublai married Alaqai (granddaughter of Yamun Khahan). Their son was *Timur Khan (the current Khan of Khans).

Borte was married to Horustep III (Pharaoh of Mulhorand). Her son was Ilderim (Pharaoh of Mulhorand).

Arigh Boke (Chief of the Cheetah tribe) married Anawat (princess of the Shaaran Ankheg tribe). Their son was Yakub (Khan of All Shaarans).

Mongke (Chief of the Hyena tribe) married Artusas (one of several princesses of the Shaaran Lion tribe) and Shatila (princess of Ulgarth). His son by Shatila was Drasna (King of Ulgarth).

Yakub (Khan of All Shaarans) married Anepthis (princess of the Shaaran Eagle tribe) in the campaign year, 1427 DR.

The Golden Family

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