Pelevaran is an ancient city, about which very little is known, that comprises a series of cliff dwellings built into the face of The Landrise many hundreds of feet above the plains of The Shaar. The dwellings have almost never been explored because large numbers of strange creatures in the region have caused the nomads to believe the area is cursed. In fact the location of this city inside the cliff face itself puts it exactly on the border between the territories of the often-feuding Ankheg and Rhinoceros tribes, making it even less likely to be explored.

The ancient realm of which Pelevaran was capital occupied much of present-day Ankheg territory in The Shaar, and it is thought that the custom of exposure burials might be a survival from the people of old Pelevaran. Other than this, sages do not even know what group may have lived here or even when their land was founded.

The ruins themselves are very defensive in nature, featuring high, thick-walled buildings connected one to the other by ladders, and large ceremonial cylindrical pits called kivas. The belief about curses may be accurate, since some adventurers have reported that lower Pelevaran contains a portal to the Hells. The city was destroyed by dracoliches in 1018, as part of a series of events that may have involved demonic influence.

Pelevaran is discussed in more detail in Shining South and other Forgotten Realms core books and supplements. Please consult these for more information.


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