The Drow are found in a few places in or near The Tuigan Empire, most notably in The Shaar near Dambrath, The Sunrise Mountains of Thay and beneath The Great Rift.

Since the treaties of friendship between the Tuigan and the Dwarves of The Great Rift, the nomads have been obligated to attack drow on sight whenever they are spotted on the surface, a responsibility they pursue with great relish. Half-drow such as the Crinti of Dambrath are no exception, which has complicated relations with that land, but as long as the Crinti traders stick to the plains on their side of the border they are generally not harassed by the ordus.

Organized raiding is a different matter, however. The Tuigan and the Crinti are both warlike and restless peoples, and small groups occasionally cross the border in one direction or the other looking for a fight. The most consequential result of this is that the Dambraai breed is now more widespread in The Tuigan Empire, where many Tuigan or Shaaran warriors now own one or more as spoils of battle. For example, Drow’s Bane is a Dambraai racehorse owned by Artusas, wife of Mongke, who took it from one of several Crinti she killed in battle.

The drow are discussed in much more detail in the Forgotten Realms core books and supplements. Please consult these to learn more.


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