There are at least eleven dragons of various types and ages still living in the area of The Tuigan Empire, but since the time of Jebe Khan their numbers have been reduced. These eastern wastelands were once some of the most dragon-friendly in Faerun, but the rising power of the Tuigan on the surface and the Dwarves in the Underdark has made dragon-hunts a common occurence. Throughout the mountains and forests of the empire, numerous lairs have been raided and a few individuals of respectable age have been killed. More importantly, most young or wyrmling dragons have been hunted down and exterminated, especially those that cannot polymorph. Those individuals that have survived tend to lair in very remote areas or else enjoy special relationships with local centers of power.

In Gezer, an ancient blood debt obliges all dragons and dragon-kin, regardless of alignment, to avoid attacking or otherwise harming any Gezerite. The Gezerites extend this courtesy; of all the lands of The Tuigan Empire, only in Gezer is it a crime to hunt dragons. The Emperors of Gezer have historically called upon local dragons to render services to them in times of need.

In ancient Imaskar, copper dragons were used extensively by the aristocracy as mounts and status symbols. It is possible that some such individuals may still be alive.

Dragons are discussed more extensively in the various Forgotten Realms core books and supplements. Please consult these if you wish to learn more.


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