Demonblood Dam

Demonblood Dam is an enormous dam that stretches across the mouth of a valley where The River Angol emerges from The Unthangol Mountains. The site was selected by Jebe Khan and the work done by local stone Giants, in repayment for which the Khan made their king one of his Loyal Noyan.

The dam was built in 1382, prior to The Demonwar, but its name refers to the great duel fought here in 1398, at the war’s end. On the plain below the dam, Jebe Khan fought a terrible single combat with a powerful demon of chaos, last of an alien foursome whose machinations caused The Demonwar. The Khan spitted the creature on his lance and nailed it to the masonry of the spillway, where its green blood ran down over the stones. The event is commemorated every year on that date with a great feast, during which a cauldron of green paint is tumbled down the face of the dam.

When Tuigan of the area speak of ‘the dam’ they are referring to the structure itself and the valley it encloses, which is a hilly meadow on the shore of a long and winding lake created by the waters of The River Angol. The lake and the meadow stretch many miles back into the hills, providing ample room for forces to gather in time of need. In peacetime, visiting Tuigan graze their herds here. The permanent residents include the lamas of a monastery of Ogres, famous as the resting place of Jebe Khan’s Spirit Banner, and a modest mine-head that conceals a large and prosperous colony of Dwarves of The Great Rift, whose presence predates the Tuigan.

Jebe Khan and later Subedei Khatun both regarded the dam and its valley as a precious fortress and redoubt, and made efforts to befriend all the local humanoid populations. The Dwarves and stone Giants have between them destroyed almost all of the Gnolls, perytons, and other monsters in the nearby range. The Wyverns that once lived here have almost all been domesticated for mounts. There are a few copper Dragons still found nearby in The Unthangol Mountains, but they are not troublesome, and anyway there are formidable forces kept here just in case.

The Khan and Khatun early on established werewolf clans in the valley, to patrol the slopes for monsters, and later augmented them with elephant-mounted ogre lancers and Tuigan riders mounted on tamed Wyverns. These units have only the best tack and equipment, most of which is magical, and their presence makes the dam and its valley extremely difficult to take by force. The greater threat is internal strife, especially since the death of Subedei Khatun. Today, some of the Noyan still resident here have taken sides among The Golden Family and others are unsure of their loyalties, and the dam may soon be a place of bloodshed.

Demonblood Dam

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