Arkaiuns are the human ethnicity that forms the majority population of Dambrath, though they are in servitude there. Arkaiun blood is a mixture of Nar, Illuskan and Shaaran genes. In ancient times the city of Shaundalar in The Council Hills was the southern terminus of a portal that connected to Ashanath, a kingdom of Nar people far to the north. When Ashanath was destroyed as part of the events that led to the founding of Narfell, its people marooned in The Shaar began a divergent path. They were soon joined by Illuskan tribes arriving through a second portal. This mongrel people was eventually turned out onto the plains of The Shaar when their city fell in 211 DR after Unther and Mulhorand destroyed the theocracy of Eltabranar. By the time they eventually settled in Dambrath the Arkaiun people, as they now called themselves, were thoroughly mixed. In the region of modern-day Dambrath they enjoyed a period of regional hegemony before eventually falling to an invasion of Drow, whose descendants are the half-elven Crinti so numerous there today.

Today, Arkaiun people are found primarily in Dambrath, though they may be encountered anywhere in The Shining South or The Shaar. Such individuals are often but not always the descendants of escaped slaves.

Arkaiuns speak Dambrathan, a language that combines the extinct tongues of both their ancient forebears and employs the Dethek alphabet.

Arkaiuns are described in more detail in Shining South and other Forgotten Realms core books and supplements. Please consult these if you wish to learn more.


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