Brewer at the Shabab Monastery


Zenawi is a middle aged Gezerite man of average appearance.


Zenawi is a resident of the Shabab Monastery in The Toadsquat Mountains, where he operates a brewery producing Tej, the honey wine of Gezer. He was relocated there by his feudal lord, Adam of Gezer. Though born in Addis, inside lands owned by Adam’s family in Gezer, Zenawi was instructed to move his family south to Shabab when Adam realized that Tej could be profitably sold to the Halflings of Luiren and the Drow of Dambrath. Today Zenawi produces a great deal of money for Adam of Gezer, who repays him by allowing the craftsman to deduct his own expenses before calculating his lord’s profits, instead of afterward, as is customary. However, Zenawi is still obliged to pay a large tithe off the top to the Ge’ez and the monks of Shabab, which he does uncomplainingly since he is a faithful follower of Dedeism.


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