The Marshall of Horses at the Shaarmid Horse Fair, 1427 DR


Toki is a short but handsome Shaaran man who dresses in simple clothing despite his considerable wealth.


Toki was a retired champion jockey of great wealth in the town of Shaarmid and enjoyed a good reputation in the racing establishment until he was named the Marshall of Horses for the fair of 1427. Llewellyn and the two Raptorans, having been hired by Sabi to investigate his competition, had become convinced that Liberation, a Chionthar owned by another prominent breeder named Tambo, was illegally enhanced with magic. Since they did not approach Toki with their suspicion until minutes before the race, there was no time for an investigation as required by tradition and the whole event had to put off until the following day. Worse, the resulting investigation cleared Tambo completely. The delay, and the false accusation, have caused Toki to become very disliked in town, for which he blames Llewellyn and the two Raptorans.


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