Emperor of Gezer, The Lion of Dede (Peace Be Upon Him)


Emperor Tewodros is a tall, noble and stern Gezerite man of advanced years.


The current Emperor of Gezer is the descendant of an ancient lineage and the scion of a proud line of cleric-warriors that has led Gezer for many centuries. He is one of The Nine Noyan, the princes of The Tuigan Empire, making him a person of great power in Timur’s camp, at least on paper. In practice, he is overshadowed by Rurik, his neighbor to the west, who opposes the Gezerite for his own reasons.

As Emperor, Tewodros reigns in Gondar, capital of Gezer, and also is considered the highest official of the Ge’ez, the clerics of the Gezerite state religion, Dedeism.

In 1416 Tewodros was responsible for opening the hidden empire to the outside world. He judged that the presence of large numbers of Tuigan and Shaaran nomads on the plains east of The Dragonsword Mountains for the first time made it impossible for Gezer to escape the notice of Jebe Khan. However, his ancient pride made it imperative to establish first contact on his own terms. Tewodros summoned a number of copper Dragons and assembled all his most handsome nobles, whom he ordered to equip themselves in their most splendid armor, ride their finest Calimite chargers, and bring their war elephants draped in gold and jewels. The Emperor also conscripted the most powerful clerics of the Ge’ez and instructed them to wear their most imposing vestments and bring the richest Gezerite Crosses in the land. Accompanied by the Emperor himself in his green, black and yellow robes of office and gold headdress, this glittering party rode to Jebekhanbalik to present themselves to Jebe Khan and seek ‘admission’ to his empire. The Emperor and his highest nobles and clerics landed on dragonback within sight of the Khan’s tent. Their arrival left the Tuigan dumbfounded and convinced that Gezer was a vast and wealthy land, especially since they bore many rare and expensive gifts, including sacks of coffee. This event became known to history as The Dragon Embassy. As he had planned, Tewodros was made one of The Nine Noyan and enjoyed good relations with the Great Khans from then until the present day.


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