Tariq Dede

Divine Prophet of Gezer (Glory Be Upon Him), Son of The Adama


Tariq Dede was a noble, handsome Mulan man.


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Blood of The Lamb, The Cross of Truth, Son of The Adama
Intermediate Gezerite Deity
Symbol: A cross with a circle in the middle, symbolizing the five directions: north, south, east, west, and toward the center
Home Plane: The Astral
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Gezer, Gezerite people, those who deal with death
Worshippers: Gezerites, monks
Cleric Alignments: Any Nonevil
Domains: Gezerite, Healing
Favored Weapon: The shotel, an oversized, sickle bladed scimitar (as sickle but 1d8 damage)

Tariq Dede is noble and compassionate, slow to anger but righteous when his wrath is kindled. His church is heirarchical and heavily structured. Clergy (of whom there are dozens of degrees) are known as the Ge’ez. His largest cathedrals are enormous sunken relief sculptures, delved down into the rock of a bare hilltop until the entire structure is below the level of the ground. Smaller churches are above ground, made of red stone and always in the shape of a cross. Dedeist monasteries can have any form. Clerics of Dede pray for spells at dawn, typically after donning brightly colored sashes and burning incense. Official services, especially at the cathedrals, are affairs of pomp and circumstance, laden with elaborate tradition.

History/Relationships: As a man, Tariq Dede lived in the east of ancient Mulhorand. As a young man he began to preach the faith of The Adama in Mulhorand, telling his followers that he was the incarnated son of the overgod, allowed to exist on Toril to show them a new way to live. His following grew large until he was ultimately arrested, tortured and executed by the theocratic authorities. According to Dedeism, he rose from the dead after three days and gathered his closest followers one last time to impart to them the laws of Dedeism before returning to the plane of The Adama. In the centuries following his departure, his following eventually died out in the area of present- day Mulhorand but successfully crossed The Dragonsword Mountains and took root among the Gezerite tribes resident there since the fall of Imaskar. Today the worship of Dede is the state religion of the Empire of Gezer, where it has become elaborate and richly symbolic. Elsewhere the belief survives only in a few widely scattered monasteries. As a god, Dede has no relationships with any other deities, viewing them all as aspects of his father.

Dogma: Do not fear death, because Dede has conquered it for you. Therefore live your life with compassion for your countrymen, respect for foreigners, obedience to authority, and implacable hatred for undead. In battle, fight as though you cannot die, because Dede has reserved eternal life for you if you are killed fighting his enemies.

Tariq Dede

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