Taman Broes

Sea captain of Waterdeep


Taman Broes is almost six feet tall, with very pale skin, extremely bushy black hair and gray eyes. He speaks Common reluctantly, using exclusively Illuskan with his crew. he wears no jewelry or magic of any kind, but is never without his trademark thick wool sweater and oilskin trousers. His main peculiarity is that he is always found barefoot on deck, even at sea in the coldest of weather.


Taman Broes is a sea captain extraordinaire, a native of Waterdeep but the child of immigrants from further north. The Righteous Catamount is his own vessel, and he never lets a traveler forget it, insisting an a full day’s labor from every hand on his ship, whether crew or tourist. Even so, he rarely turns down a traveller wishing to come aboard, since he likes the company of strangers, particularly those with strange tales to tell. Taman typically will not charge anything for someone taking passage on his ship, getting his compensation from their labor instead, but this rule doesn’t apply if the passenger is obviously rich, or otherwise looks like being a handful. He also eagerly welcomes any kind of profitable cargo. Since Taman has moved many kinds of goods and may be carrying almost anything on his ship at any given time, he can be used as a merchant by characters who need to buy or sell any sort of non-magical goods or swag. If he considers a man his business partner, that man is also his friend. On rare occasions, Taman or his men may come ashore on behalf of such people, but they won’t go far. Though they prefer not to fight, they are not above lending a hand to someone’s effort to intimidate a rival. He likes to refer to himself as ‘common as muck’, but in fact he has made a good nest egg from moving cargoes up and down the Sword Coast and to numerous points south. The Righteous Catamount may be seen anywhere within easy distance of a seaport, from the City of Splendors to The Golden Water.

If it is necessary to determine what the Righteous Catamount is filled with at any given time, simply consult the trade routes map in the campaign setting.

Taman Broes

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