Subedei Khatun

Wife of Jebe Khan, first Great Khatun of the Tuigan March and matriarch of the Golden Family (1357-1426)


Subedei Khatun was a middle-aged Tuigan woman of no special appearance.


For most of her life Subedei’s story was the story of Jebe Khan. They were born the same year, married young, adventured together and went to war together (she was a deadly archer), and reared numerous children. Only with the outbreak of The Demonwar in 1382 was Subedei left alone for long periods to manage the affairs of Jebekhanbalik and speak up for her husband in the governance of the March and later the Empire. By 1398 she had resumed her position as loyal wife and mother, which she would remain until 1417. By this time, with Jebe Khan dead, only Subedei could bring her quarreling sons to a compromise on the next Great Khan, whom she decided would be Kublai. After his election she continued to travel with the remainder of her husband’s ordu, now renamed Khatunbalik in her honor. Until her death in 1426 she was the reigning power in The Tuigan March region. In the wider Empire, all her children still unfailingly consulted her on any piece of family business. Her death left a power vacuum at the center of the Empire. The loyalty of her Noyan and their ordus is now contested among Jochi, Batu, and Rurik.

Subedei Khatun

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