Horse Breeder of Shaarmid


Sabi is an unctuous Durpari man fond of flashy jewelry and enormous turbans.


Until his death, Sabi was the wealthiest and most prominent horse breeder in the town of Shaarmid, a place known for its fine stables. In 1427 he came to grief when he attempted to fix a race by using a Ring of Three Wishes to enhance his entry, a Calimite named Spirit of Fire. But Sabi blew his own cover when he became convinced, as a result of a misleading divination, that another entrant was also cheating. He hired Llewellyn and the two Raptorans to investigate, and predictably, the corruption they uncovered was his own. Sabi did not live long enough to explain himself, however, because Batu had also discovered his treachery, having been warned of it in a cryptic prophecy by a crazed Untheric hermit years before. The prince sent rustlers to steal the horse, and Sabi was trampled down in the melee when he, Llewellyn and the two Raptorans walked in on the theft.


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