Baron of Mulhorand, Loyal Noyan of Jebe Khan (1357 - )


Rurik is a tall, thin Tuigan with lank hair and mustaches and age-scarred, weatherbeaten skin. He dresses in the robes of a Shou magician.


Rurik, a cousin of Jebe Khan, was one of the original companions of Jebe’s ordu. In the adventures that followed, Rurik became a talented and eventually powerful wizard, and Jebe’s closest ally in the ordu. Rurik fought alongside Jebe when the ordu was enlisted as a mercenary force to crush a rebellion in the southernmost Barony of Mulhorand. The Tuigan were ruthless with the rebels, destroying not only their fortress but their villages, towns, fields and countryside as well. In the aftermath of this and the subsequent war between Mulhorand and Unther, huge swathes of land in the Barony and the Unther border region had been depopulated more or less completely. Seeking an expansive new homeland for the ordu, Jebe purchased the Unther border region from the Mulhorandi conquerors and bought the vacant Baronial crown for Rurik, now styled one of his Loyal Noyan. In this way Rurik became in 1380 simultaneously a Baron of Mulhorand (vassal of the Pharaoh) and a prince of the new Tuigan territory (vassal of Jebe Khan). But the Khan’s constant campaigning, and in particular the repeated atrocities, wore out the friendship between the two men. The following year Rurik left the ordu for good, being granted permission to establish a city below the ruined fortress, a settlement he named Rurikan. Rurik himself occupied the remains of the Baron’s fortress. In the years following, Rurikan grew into a vast tent city of captured craftsmen and their Tuigan overseers, surrounded by farms worked by Semphari and Raumviran settlers. The city was known for the quality of its magic-item trade, and Rurik’s forces were some of the best-equipped in the Empire. In 1398 Massimo Volo arrived in the city to establish a trading concern and remained there until his death as a very wealthy man in 1427. Rurik’s forces supported the young Ilderim in the Mulhorandi civil war of 1419, in exchange for renewal of his Baronial rights in perpetuity. Since then Rurik has remained in his fortress, aging but firmly in control and wealthier with every passing year.


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