Third son of Jebe Khan (1382 - )


Ogedei is known as the babyface of the Golden Family, but his placid round features conceal a tactical genius and savage fighter every bit as ruthless as his father. In his old age Ogedei has taken to wearing a white turban, Semphari style.


Ogedei and twin sister Borte were born in 1382 and remained in his father’s ordu throughout the Demonwar. In 1401, as part of Jebe Khan’s diplomatic overtures to regional powers, Ogedei travelled to independent Semphar to marry Hoda, one of many daughters of Caliph Abu Bakr. The couple returned to the Tuigan March and dwelled there in their own ordu for many years. Their son Jahan was born there in 1403. Ogedei’s ordu was continually at war from 1419 through 1422, fighting against Ilderim’s half-brothers in the Mulhorandi civil war, then accompanying the Pharaoh’s forces through Murghom and Semphar. In the aftermath of the joint Mulhorandi-Tuigan conquest of Semphar and the subsequent shakeup of its bloated aristocracy, Ogedei’s son Jahan (grandson of Jebe Khan) emerged as the most viable claimant to the throne, and the teenager was acclaimed as Caliph shortly afterward in 1422. Ogedei has remained on the plains of Semphar ever since.


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