Drow Caravanner of Dambrath


Nazruddin is a male drow of average appearance with shoulder length white hair.


Nazruddin is a full-blooded Drow, which makes him rare among the surface folk of Dambrath, who are mostly the half-breed Crinti. But he is also a male, which means his opportunities for advancement at home in the Underdark are severely limited. On the surface, Nazruddin is a wealthy, respected caravan trader who moves goods between central Dambrath and the isolated horse ranches on its northern border march, as far north as ruined Delzimmer and the border of The Shaar. In so doing Nazruddin has made profitable contacts with people on the other side of that invisible line, including Tuigan and Shaaran khans. Since the law requires anyone on the Tuigan side of the border to kill him on sight, his deals with foreigners are conducted on the Dambrathan side, by a rendezvous at night. Both parties camp on their respective sides of the border at dusk, the visitor crosses into Dambrath after nightfall, pass phrases are exchanged, and the visitor is invited back to Nazruddin’s camp to eat, drink and conduct business. There are no exceptions to this protocol.

Nazruddin owns several wagons and knows virtually everyone in the border region, making him an excellent source of goods or information. However, he loves to boast and gamble, so a visitor is not likely to make it out of the camp without engaging in some sort of contest. Nazruddin expects visitors to wager money or magic on these games.

Like all Dambrathan people, the Drow is a fanatic of Horse Racing and fierce partisan of the Dambraai breed native to his country. Visitors should watch their words very carefully when discussing horses with him.


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