Fourth son and youngest child of Jebe Khan (1384-1426), Great Khan of the Tuigan Empire (1417-1426)


Kublai was the son of Jebe Khan who most closely resembled his father in his chiseled and weather-beaten features. Unlike the rest of his family he never adopted foreign styles, dressing and acting like a simple Tuigan warrior until the end of his days.


Kublai was born in 1384, the last child of Jebe Khan and Subedei Khatun, and would have had an insignificant life if his siblings had been able to get along. Unlike the rest of his family the young Kublai returned to the Endless Waste in 1400 and spent most of his life rallying the tribes there. He was helped in this by his simple appearance and abhorrence of the trappings of wealth. In his absolute loyalty and extreme generosity to followers he resembled his father most of all his siblings. These personal qualities enabled him to reunite the shattered remnants of Yamun Khahan’s tribal empire. By 1415 he had been declared Khan of Khans in the Endless Waste, thirteen years after marrying Alaqai (granddaughter of Yamun Khahan) in a highly symbolic union and fathering a son, Timur. When his father died two years later, the kuriltai to elect his replacement was so contentious that Subedei forced the siblings to accept Kublai as a harmless, compromise candidate. As Great Khan of the Tuigan Empire from 1417 until his death in 1426, Kublai retained his loyalty to the Tuigan homeland, overseeing the integration of the northern and southern halves of his father’s empire after Mulhorand became Tuigan in 1419. He died in 1426 within days of his mother Subedei.


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