Khan of an Eagle Tribe Shaaran Ordu, 4th level Ranger


Kanem is a Shaaran man in his thirties, short haired, dressed in nomadic garb and leather armor but sporting eagle feathers and Shaar rings as jewelry. He carries a spear and keeps a huge Shaar falcon as a companion.


Kanem and his wife Wata are khan and khatun of a very modest Shaaran ordu that ranges near The Dun Hills. Their only companions are his brother Tuek and his two daughters Nafs and Mala. Kanem has no horse herd, only goats, and his personal mounts are Shaar ponies.

The Shaarans met and camped with Badr’s ordu and befriended Llewellyn and the two Raptorans, trading them some of the olives they often harvest from the wild groves in The Dun Hills.


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