First Son of Jebe Khan, Father of Arigh Boke


Like his younger brother Batu, Jochi was raised Shaaran, and even today his dress and mannerisms are more southern than Tuigan. Rare for Tuigan, Jochi is tall and well-built.


Born in 1377, Jochi was two years old when he was sent south into The Shaar to be fostered by allied Cheetah tribesmen there, in an attempt to protect him from The Demonwar. The boy grew up Shaaran, learning the language and customs, becoming a famous warrior, and eventually marrying Apsara, a princess of his adoptive Cheetah tribe, in 1392. His son Arigh Boke, born 1393, was immediately elected chieftain of the Cheetah tribe, one of two Shaaran groups whose traditional territory abutted the border of The Tuigan March at that time. Arigh Boke in his turn would marry Anawat, an Ankheg princess, in 1408. This union immediately produced an heir, Yakub (great-grandson of Jebe Khan) who in 1417 at the age of 12 would be elected Khan of All Shaarans after marrying Anepthis, the widowed queen of the Eagle tribe, the last Shaaran group not tied to The Golden Family. In this way The Shaar was dynastically united with the March, forming a vast Tuigan empire in southern Faerun.

No sooner had his son become a chief than Jochi assembled a horde of Cheetah and Tuigan riders for the first of The Great Raids, in 1395, against the wealthy cities on the borders of The Shaar, which had grown fat on the caravan trade. His forces looted Hardcastle, Torsh, Innarlith and Derlusk. The following year his horde pushed the adventurer armies of The Border Kingdoms north of The River Scelptar. Jochi would take to the field again in 1418, 1419 and 1420, when his grandson Yakub was leading the horde, and again in 1424, for the final sack of Sheirtalar.

Jochi’s fortune was misfortune for his nephew Mongke,whose childless marriage to another Shaaran princess prevented his branch of the family from expanding there. Mongke and Arigh Boke eventually became rivals (bitter ones, in the case of their wives), which put Jochi and his brother Batu on opposite sides of an emerging power struggle. This situation was worsened in 1426 after the death of Subedei Khatun, when the rivals began to compete for the loyalty of their grandmother’s remaining Noyan. Things nearly came to a head when Artusas and Anawat competed in a high-stakes horse race at the Shaarmid horse fair of 1427, though the rivalry quietened after Artusas failed to win.

Today Jochi spends almost all of his time in The Shaar.


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