Isaac of Gezer

Abbot of the Shabab Monastery


Isaac of Gezer is a short, stooped Gezerite man of advanced years who dresses in simple monk’s robes.


Isaac of Gezer is a Dedeist monk, the abbot of the Shabab Monastery, located in The Toadsquat Mountains. Shabab is one of the few Dedeist monasteries remaining outside Gezer itself, and has enjoyed great longevity because of its remote location in a little-used corner of The Shaar. Isaac runs the monastery with great wisdom and hospitality. One of his charges is Zenawi, a brewer from Addis in Gezer, and his family, who live at Shabab in order to make money for their feudal lord, Adam of Gezer, by selling honey wine to the Halflings of Luiren and the Drow of Dambrath.

Isaac of Gezer

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