Son of Yamun Khahan, Conqueror of Semphar (? - 1364)


No likeness of Hubadai exists, nor is the location of his tomb known to any living man.


Hubadai was the son of Yamun Khahan and one of his best generals, credited with the conquest of Semphar. More about Hubadai can be found in The Horde Campaign Setting. In the aftermath of his father’s death in 1360, Hubadai quickly lost control of Semphar. By 1362 his Tuigan horsemen were expelled from the nation. Back on the steppe, he summoned a kuriltai which confirmed him in his father’s place as Khahan, and established the city of Yaimmunahar on the site of his ordu. Many craftsmen and others captured from Semphar and the east were housed there and remained after Hubadai’s death in 1364. Long dead by the time Jebe Khan left The Endless Waste, Hubadai enters the campaign only as a historical figure. He is an ancestor of The Golden Family in that he is the father of Alaqai, wife of Kublai.


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