Georgios the Brawler

Retired Adventurer from Chessenta


Georgios the Brawler is a towering wall of a man, huge, battle-scarred and glowering. Though he no longer wears armor or carries a weapon, he still moves through crowds like a ship cutting through the waves.


Georgios the Brawler is a native of the city of Luthcheq, in Chessenta, where he cut his teeth in the hoplite phalanxes of the city’s lords. After his military career he became an adventurer and added great wealth to his reputation for ferocity. He is currently indulging a passion for fine horses, and in 1427 his investments paid off when his Semphari, Death to Witches, earned a spot in the prestigious last race of the horse fair at Shaarmid, though it did not place.

Georgios has long been a Forsaker, member of a cult that violently despises magic and all who use it. Though Llewellyn and the two Raptorans attempted to question him during their investigation, he flew into a rage when Kerri revealed her Druid powers. He now considers himself their enemy.

Georgios the Brawler

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