Danilo Volo

Merchant of Waterdeep (1370 - )


Danilo Volo is every inch the prosperous merchant trader: a fat, waddling, silk-draped jowly mountain of a man with rings on all ten fingers, lots of exotic landscape prints on the walls of his office, and paperweights in the shape of sailing ships. No matter how intimidating your character might be, you will quickly learn that the only thing that impresses Danilo Volo is money.


Danilo Volo, your employer, has contracted you to travel to the city of Rurikan, last known location of his deceased older brother Massimo Volo, in order to take possession of the massive inheritance the elder Volo has bequeathed to his brother. As a savvy adventurer, of course you researched him before you took the job. Danilo is a relative of the famous Realms-trotter Marco Volo, who has parlayed that connection into a profitable and respectable import business, but Danilo has never heard of Rurikan and neither have you. Nonetheless he has advanced you 1500 gold pieces for your traveling expenses and given you the use of his trading galleon, the Dauntless, to carry you as far as she can.

Danilo Volo

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