Daughter of Jebe Khan (1382 - )


Borte shares the round, placid features of her twin brother Ogedei, making her a beauty only by steppe standards.


Born in 1382, the twin sister of Ogedei, Borte might have had an insignificant life if it weren’t for her father’s ambition. In order to cement his friendly relations with Horustep III, then Pharaoh of Mulhorand, in 1398 Jebe Khan gave him the teenage Borte for one of his several wives. In Mulhorand she was always treated well, not the Pharaoh’s favorite wife but ranking higher than his legions of concubines. Her true value was that she was one of only three consorts of the Pharaoh who bore him a son, the young Ilderim, in 1399. Both of the other mothers were concubines whose children could not legally take the throne, but the path to power was still not clear for Ilderim. By treaty, the young heir was raised one year on the steppe, traveling with his mother’s ordu, for each year spent in the palaces of Mulhorand. As a young man, he was much resented for his foreign appearance and mannerisms, and both of his half-brothers eventually rose against him after their father’s death in 1419. A Mulhorandi civil war ensued in which Borte enlisted the aid of her brothers to place Ilderim on the Pharaoh’s throne. Now in his prime, the Pharaoh still dotes on his mother, though not even he can convince her to give up the wandering life of the ordu.


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