Khatun of a Tuigan Ordu in the Shaar


Badr is a Tuigan woman in her late forties, plain looking, who dresses like the men and wears strings of Shaar rings as jewelry. She carries a bow and knife.


Badr is a widow, her husband having been killed by Dambrathan raiders. She now leads her small odu as a khatun in her own right, which is rare. Her sons Amun and Aki protect her from Tuigan suitors who periodically attempt to usurp the ordu, according to the old customs. She travels with Tarik, his wife Malika and their three daughters, Bel, Bala and Bhangla.

She encountered Llewellyn, Kerri, and Stedd while selling cattle in Ormpur and took them on as company for the trip to Shaarmid, where she intended to sell some wine she bought at Ormpur. Along the way she met Kanem’s ordu, from whom she bought some olives from The Dun Hills to sell at Shaarmid. She also befriended Krusk and Vaprak. With the help of the Raptorans the ordu was able to capture an elephant for sale at the fair, and the Tuigan themselves also wrangled a pair of cheetahs, several bison, and a herd of steppe horses. They have kept the horses but sold the other beasts in town, along with the wine and olives. The ordu is now relatively flush with cash.

Badr’s herds consist of 48 Steppe horses, about 200 sheep and 40 goats.


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