Arigh Boke

Chief of the Shaaran Cheetah Tribe, Father of Yakub Khan, and Grandson of Jebe Khan


Arigh Boke is a sly-looking Tuigan man in his thirties.


Arigh Boke is the son of Jochi, the first son of Jebe Khan. His father was so well respected by the Shaaran Cheetah tribe that fostered him that the infant Arigh Boke was announced their next Chief in the same year of his birth. His birth in 1393 triggered great events. In the first place, the elevation of the Half-Tuigan grandson of Jebe Khan to a Shaaran chiefdom transformed Jebe’s realm from a Tuigan state to a regional empire. Secondly, the infant chief provided the political legitimacy necessary for Jochi and Jebe Khan to assemble a Shaaran and Tuigan horde in order to launch the first of The Great Raids on the borderlands of The Shaar. These campaigns were phenomenally successful and lucrative, greatly enhancing the ability of The Golden Family to gain and hold the loyalty of new followers in the following decades. As an adult, Arigh Boke would take to the field again in 1418, 1419, and 1420 when his son Yakub was leading the horde, and again in 1424 for the final sack of Sheirtalar.

It was largely Yakub‘s birth that drove a wedge between Arigh Boke and his cousin Mongke, by inflaming the jealously born by Mongke’s wife Artusas for his own bride Anawat. The rivalry of the cousins has been exacerbated by the death of Subedei Khatun, whose Noyan are now being variously courted or assailed by other family members.

Today Arigh Boke spends almost all his time in The Shaar.

Arigh Boke

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