Great Khatun of the Tuigan Empire (1417-1426), Granddaughter of Yamun Khahan (1360 - )


Alaqai was a classic Tuigan beauty in her youth, with pale skin and delicate features. Today she retains her lively appearance in old age.


Alaqai was born in 1360 at the height of her grandfather’s campaigns in Western Faerun. However, Yamun Khahan did not survive long enough to consolidate his power over the lands he conquered, least of all wealthy Semphar, and the Tuigan occupying it were soon ousted. By 1362 the infant Alaqai had returned to the Endless Waste in relative poverty and spent the next few decades with distant relatives. By 1400 she was the only surviving descendant of Yamun Khahan, and therefore a powerful symbolic possession for any ambitious man. Her ordu was frequently contested by the various bandits and warlords filtering back into the region, and her companions were constantly in danger of kidnap or death.

The arrival of Kublai on the steppe presented her with a more attractive option. Though only 16 and untested against the warlords, Kublai had a reputation for honesty, fairness and gentleness to followers, and stories of the wealth and power of Jebe Khan were preceding him everywhere he traveled. The two soon became involved, and by 1402 the 18 year old Kublai married the 42 year old Alaqai, thus tying The Golden Family to the legacy of Yamun Khahan.

Their son Timur was born in the year of their marriage, 1402.


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