Adam of Gezer

Gezerite Prince (Noble), Knight of Dede (Peace Be Upon Him), Lord of Nazret, Axum, and Addis


Adam of Gezer is a tall, handsome and well-built Gezerite man who dresses in wealthy but not extravagant styles. The sword he often carries when away from home is an aristocratic weapon, since Adam is no longer a fighter.


Adam of Gezer is a cousin of Tewodros, the current Emperor of Gezer. Adam is a large landowner and a noble whose title is Prince (though in truth, there are many Princes of Gezer). As such he is automatically also styled a Knight of Dede, one of the aristocratic warriors expected to defend the faith should that become necessary.

Adam of Gezer was born into wealth. His family owns considerable farmland and villages whose inhabitants pay taxes directly to him. Their holdings are in the southernmost portion of Gezer, nearest Rurikan, and therefore often threatened by the waves of undead that filter through the mountains. There are a great number of churches here and many of the Ge’ez both in residence on church lands and wandering in the countryside to keep watch on Rurikan. Adam has established coffee plantations on much of his land and grown very wealthy through his extensive contacts with the foreign traders who covet this commodity. In his youth, he expanded his family’s lands by crusading against the humanoids of the mountains and became wealthier by seizing several treasure hoards. Today, as an older man, he is content to administer what he has, though he is still fond of travel and spends much of every year on the road with his extensive entourage, which always includes war elephants, mounted Gezerite warriors and several members of the Ge’ez. One of these is a young initiate called Menes whom the Prince has taken under his wing. Adam of Gezer’s favorite destination is the horse fair at Shaarmid, which he tries to visit every few years to indulge his greatest hobby, the breeding of racehorses. He owns a fine stable of Calimite and Semphari racehorses which he likes to show off for foreigners. One of these, Cross of Dede, won the purse in the final race of the fair in 1427, earning Adam of Gezer a small fortune in ivory and other goods.

It was as part of the events surrounding this fair that he met and befriended Llewellyn and the two Raptorans, who approached him during their investigation of race-fixing. They were quickly satisfied that Cross of Dede was clean, and Adam’s open demeanor led the Raptorans to accept his offer to accompany him to Gezer. Adam considers himself a friend, and the pair are currently part of his entourage.

Adam’s lands include Nazret, second city of Gezer, and its surrounding lands, plus the smaller trade town of Axum with its many coffee plantations, and Addis, a small isolated church just over the border, which is the southernmost site on the pilgrim trail of Dedeism. Addis also controls the most popular route for salt traders between Azulduth, where they scrape the flats or obtain rock salt from the small, wretched mines, and Gezer, where it can be sold profitably since there is no local source. The taxes from this trade are a great source of revenue for the pilgrim church and for Adam himself.

Adam of Gezer

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