The Widow Harun

Lavinia's Diary: Who Me?

We hadn’t traveled far when night fell. We meet another Halfling who told us that “Ghosts” had been spotted in the woods we were traveling. That night while sleeping these “Ghosts” attacked us. I was quickly knocked out cold. I got the following from Kerri after they were run off. They were not “Ghosts” but halflings of some Ghost clan (as best my foggy mind recalls). They wanted ME! Some sort of Prophecy they had said. How did they even know i was here? I haven’t been here long or done anything to bring attention to me. Great, now i have “Ghosts” that want my hide. Well it’s mine and they can’t have it!

Some nasty thunderstorm forced us to find shelter. Problem was it was already inhabited, and they did not want to share. I felt bad for them! It seemed they never did stand a chance. Need to find a way to make it up to them. Perhaps on the way back home we can seek them out and solve this unintentional confrontation.

Later we came across a good sized river (not very deep or wide though) and the Khan decided we should follow it along it’s bank. It felt good to have the wind whip across the river and into our faces. It was refreshing (nice choice by the Khan). Quiet and peaceful. But it was not to last. Some roaming mercenaries came along and attacked us. I tried something i thought up a few days ago. I conjured up a Hippogriff and had it try to attack and grapple one of the riders. Then fly him high up into the air and drop him. See if a fat heavy man wearing heavy armor with no wings can fly?!! But it didn’t work. Twice! Phooey!

Then we meet more “Werewolf Barbarians”. These “things” really are everywhere. They partied, eating and drinking for 2 whole days. They talked the Khan into a wrestling match (men!?). The other guy lost. I don’t think the Khan moved so much as a foot while the other guy danced around like some ballerina. They seemed most impressed by this “rock like” effect.

And they seem to like gambling. Throwing around money like confetti in the wind. The horse that the Khan rides was victorious again (i think they said he was undefeated so far). I’m told Glouris is famous. Is this a good thing?

I could learn to hate Ghosts! Hope i don’t see any more of them in my lifetime.


KevinHenehan djinni14

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