The Widow Harun

Lavinia's Diary: The Bad Time

I’ve kept to myself for what seems like weeks now. The others have not bothered me. I’ve not been asked or called to do anything. Perhaps they are hoping i will leave?

I overheard them talking. About how outsiders don’t understand them. That being a werewolf is an honored existence dating back hundreds of years. That they had overcome the mad days of when they would turn into rampaging mindless monsters. Now they see the “affliction” as a blessing. It gives them a strength that others can’t understand. That there are hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of them in the land of the Barbarians.

I dared not approach the Khan about his being a Monster, let alone a barbarian. His sister might be a good choice, but decided against this also. So i went to Tennai to talk about “werewolves”. He explained a lot. Most of which I’m sure is not the total truth. The truth is a 3 edged sword. There is my truth, your truth and the truth. I took what Tennai told me (his truth) and went to Trigaki and Ursa to get their truth.

It’s been decided! I’m going to convert all of them (werewolves) to see the benefits of Chung Tao. I’m going to double my efforts with the Khan. I’m going to save his sole, and that of the others, or die trying. Failure at this is no longer an option. I must succeed, i will succeed!

May Chung Tao and my belief that Great Grandfather knew about this already, and give me strength. I will make them both proud of me!!

Time to get started.


KevinHenehan KevinHenehan

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