The Widow Harun

Lavinia's Diary: Shopping

I’m told the Khan, his sister and the barbarian Balud are going to Semphar to do some trading. I leap at the chance to go along (i practically invited myself). I’d give my left leg for some silk! The stuff these barbarians wear ITCHES! It’s giving me a rash and driving me MAD! I know from home that Semphar is one of the few locations where trade between us and the barbarians is allowed to take place. I may even find some REAL SHOES! I’m told it is far away and will take weeks to get there and back, and may be dangerous. I’m not listening! All i see is SILK and some trinkets from home. GOD, this is going to be Sooooo Good! Besides, my handsome, beautiful Pony will save me from these dangers. I’m one lucky girl to have found him. (thank you Grandfather) I need to give him a name. Will have to work on that.


KevinHenehan KevinHenehan

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