The Widow Harun

Lavinia's Diary: End of Days

We have finally made it to town in Durpar. But something is not right. There is Chaos everywhere. Mass looting with dead bodies lying on the ground everywhere. Many buildings are on fire while several others have already burned to the ground.

It takes about an hour or more to gather some information about what is going on. It seems the Prophecy about 1427 was coming true. It was always believed that only the religious fanatics actually believed it. Apparently people from all over had come to town while on the run from other areas. They had seen a wall of darkness slowly making its way across the lands.

The end of the world was making its way across the land everywhere. No amount of magic could stop it. Running would only run you to another wall of darkness.

It was decided to go down to the coast and have a picnic on the beach and wait for this wall of darkness to come. We eat and drank and did the best we could to lift our spirits.

We can see it. A Giant wall of blackness. There is no sound. All the animals are running. Even our own horse’s have bolted and run away. There is no destruction. Things just seem to disappear into the darkness.

It is coming closer. I’m afraid! What will happen when


KevinHenehan djinni14

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